Glazing Channel

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Glazing Channel

We offer two types of Aluminium U-Channel for shower door installations

1. The standard channels come as a regular size and a deep channel for securing fixed panels of glass to the floor, wall or ceiling. widths suitable for 8, 10 and 12 mm glass are available in each style. The standard channel comes 10 mm deep and the deep channel come 19 mm deep.

2. Dry Glaze U-Channels. The Dry Glaze U-Channel system offers the installer many benefits. It eliminates the need for messy silicone between the glass and metal and dramatically reduces the installation time. If the glass is ever scratched or damaged it can be removed without the need to cut outthe sealant. The  extruded U-Channel comes with two vinyl strips used to secure the glass firmly into the channel. Matching end Caps can be used to adhere to the channel ends.